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Juliana Ibitayo (alias Madam Special)


Abigail Ibitayo was Animowiya's first daughter to Daudu Akerejola. She took after her mother in behavioural traits. She was renowned for her flair for cooking. In the 60s, she ran a “buka” at the mrket on Eni side of Idokita-Otutu at Ogori. As her business expanded she moved to Obehira in the late 60s where she extablished one of the most popular local restaurants near the Ohumanaka junction. There, the deliciousl nature of her food earned her the name “Madam Special” with which herself and her buka became popularly known.

The business of Madam Special moved back to Ogori in the 80s follosing the expansion of Obehira-Ogori road which consumed her Buka. This movement was facilitated by the construction of a huge multipurpose family house, with the enormours cooperation of her sister Dorcas Animola Aiyegbusi. At the completion of the house, part of the ground floor was converted to the new Madam Special bar/ restaurant. The other part was rented out while the upstairs was occupied by her family.

Her children were Abisola, Makonjuola, Sasola, Edna Aina, Caroline Omolola, Temitope, Ayo Adesoji, Adedapo and Omobilejo.

Ibitayo practiced the Cherubim and Seraphim faith and was instrumental to establishing a branch at Ogori. She acquired a portion of land at Ekenaoba which she gave to host the church. She died in the late 80s.