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Erepdose, was Eminefo’s daughter, the sister of  and same mother with Ologori Aliyu.



Her Children



  1. Ebunwiya’s father - (name will be provided later) and a sister to
  2. Samuel Oladapo,
  3. Ekpo (late aunty Omoke's father)
  4. Audu Taylor. While Iya Ebun's father
  5. Stephen Bolaji’s (alias  Babajeje's) mother (name will be provided later).



While Iya Ebun's father, Ekpo and Baba Jeje lived and died at Ogori, the others lived at Ibillo and their descendants are still there.


One of Samuel Oladapo's daughters (Mrs Obanero) is the mother of the owner of the popular Sofisticat in Lagos.