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Michael Mekamagba Ademoye

Michael Mekamagba Ademoye


    Michael Mekamagba Ademoye


Ademoye is the third eldest son of the Ologori HRH GB Akerejola and Olori Dorothy Oluwanike Owiya 




Wife: Christana Temidayo   Children


Born in 1949, Michael Mekamagba Ademoye grew up as an active, intelligent and very handsome man. As he approached teenage, Baba sent him to stay with H.M. Adeboju Aluko, who brought him up. At the completion of his primary education, he passed the entrance exam to the Nigerian Military School (NMS), Zaria. Demoye was one of the earliest Ogori man to enroll in the military. His performance at NMS was so excellent that while his mates were being sent to fight in the civil war going on at that time, he was one of the few of whom the Nigerian Military officers saw potentials in to be developed into high-level military career. He was sent to the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna following his success in the entrance exam and the interview both of which he passed in flying colours. While an officer cadet, he was soon noticed as an extraordinary soldier. As he approached the senior cadet level, so he got tougher and smarter. Stories abound of his styles and standard of discipline and the talent he displayed. One cannot go into details of these, but something that must be mentioned is the impression he made on Officers. General Salihu Ibrahim, the Chief of General Staff during Babangida's time spoke commendably about him in the graduation of one of Fimihan. It was amazing that he still remembered Demoye's time at NDA after so many years. At graduation from the Academy, both his military and academic results were outstanding. His notebooks especially in Science subjects became resources for some of his brothers in secondary school.

At the completion of NDA, he was posted to PH as a young officer in the late 60s. His fame again began to grow in his command, so much that one Iyela, another young officer made a remark on how promising a future Demoye had in the army, in 1971. He mentioned the approval of his promotion (perhaps to the rank of Major) had already been approved. While in Port Harcourt, he had twins, Michael and Mary through an Ibo woman.

However, Satan put paid to his military career in 1973 as a result of what was simply described as the handiwork of the enemy. People did not rule out envy. Demoye then had to resign from the army, but this was a blessing in disguise. Most of those executed in the event of the 1976 coup were his friends, classmates and colleagues. There was little doubt that he would have been lured into the fatal attempted coup which Dimka, his friend led and he might have died 27 years earlier.

His exit from the army was a shock to many of his colleagues. The admiration among the ranks was attested to during the military government era. Demoye was respected by many of the military administrators. And, from many of them, he received warm welcome when he visited them in their Governor's offices. Major General David Mark was one of such. One of them offered him a post in his government, but gave up the idea when Demoye in his military character refused the idea of relocating to the state to have the promise actualized. But a good hand of fellowship was extended to him throughout the military era. In the days of Shagari rice, when some generals in the army shared in a bag of rice, he got whole bags to himself. His children were admitted into Command schools. He lived in military barracks and was allowed to use military facilities.

At the creation of Kogi State, he was appointed the chief executive of the Directorate of Food and Rural Integration (DIFRI) in the State. Later he joined the civil service in the state until he resigned to take up business.

A few years after leaving the army he went back to the University where he earned his BSc degree in Geography. He did his NYSC in Okene Teacher's College. Shortly after, he worked for Alhaji Ado Ibrahim, the present Traditional Ruler of Ebiraland. He was loved and admired for his prowess by this accomplished businessman, who always addressed Demoye as “Prince”. It was said that Ado once suggested that he go abroad to manage his business, to which he declined. But when Ado joined politics, he pulled him along. But for the powers that controlled Kwara politics, they would have both succeeded together in politics.

Demoye was a very cheerful and lively personality. He was charismatic. He was full of life enjoyed it and had many friends with every class of people including very highly placed people across the country, . He. He was humorous and loved. We do not need to ask if he was nearby or not. The Demoye kind of laughter always gave the answer out. He would sometimes rally the younger ones around him and in that light mood, they, being amused by his jokes would call him “ a Bros Karu” or “Bros Demo”. He was a good friend of Ereola Oshemu's. They called each other “Oremi”, Yoruba for my friend, but in accent peculiar to them both. One must not fail to add also that in the family, he was most feared by people, especially the young ones, due to his sharp rebukes and military manner of speaking.

Demoye was a good father to his children. He loved them and aspired to give them the best of everything that life could offer.





Tewon Tekaya

Aron Obije





Although his high expectation of people, slips and what can simply be described as the “army blood” flowing in his vains as well as his belief in military solution to every situation sometimes brought him in collusion with people, a close study of him would reveal that he always meant well. After all, he was human. He was a genius and full of great ideas. The true Demoye was a loving and extremely generous man. He was open-handed and spread his substance to benefit all. When he had, everybody around him enjoyed. He started taking care of his younger ones right from the time he was in NMS. In the early 60s he would buy a toy for every brother or sister, while he was returning home on Christmas. The small, colored bouncing balls, balloons, toy guns and other assorted toys made Okpa children envied in those days. He paid their school fees from his allowance from NDA. He was also a good father to his children. He went to bring his children in Port Harcourt home and catered for their upbringing.



Demoye hardly ever fell sick. It is so unfortunate that the very first major illness that struck him resulted into fatality, thereby dealing a heavy blow to the Eminefo family. he became ill with liver problem and surrendered to death on 23 rd of December 2003. He would be remembered for many things, among which are his frankness, audacity, love and his great contribution to the development of the Eminefo family. He might have left painful tears in our eyes, he surely have left us with great challenge, but the greatest of all is the consolation he left us – giving his life to Christ 2 weeks before his death.