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Eniyele Daudu


Eniyele was about the youngest wife of Daudu Arubani. She was light in complexion and very much loved by her husband. Eniyele was an active, industrious and articulate woman. She was careful and cared about every little detail on every issue. She was always an advocate of justice, fairness and would never sweep any issue under the carpet until she was satisfied that justice was done. Eniyele voiced out her opinion, no matter who was offended.

Nevertheless, she was very loving and caring. She was a window to past. She remembered details about events of the past. She had Cecilia Arinola for Daudu after losing several other children shortly after their birth. And after the death of her husband; she was married to Arogun who was a relative of Daudu's (perfectly in order with Ogori custom)and was blessed with Asiyawu – “Makailu's” wife. She also converted to Islamic faith apparently when she married Asiyawu's father who was a muslim.

She was particularly excited seeing her grand and great grand children around her. You cannot but admire the way they love and interacted with her too. Her pounded yam and ekpase were supper. At old age, she was still loved cooking. She was the last of Daudu's wives to leave this world and God blessed her with a good age. She died in 2000. Nevertheless, she would always be missed for her wealth of wisdom.