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HRH, Gaius Olubimbade

Gaius Olubimbade Akerejola, Eminefo IV was opened the womb of Yiwola. Born in “1948?”, he commenced primary education on 18 March 1954 at St Peter's Primary School, Ogori. Shortly after the completion of his secondary education at St. Barnabas College Kabba, he joined the Nigerian Navy, where he trained as a Nautical Electrician.

He spent a good part of his life sailing around the world; many years in the UK, particularly Britain, Italy, Spain and France. He resigned from the Navy to set up his own business, where he became known for his talent and expertise.

He resigned from this a few years later to take up the challenge of filling the vacancy of the Ologori stool that was empty. This was a great sacrifice, considering that his business held a lot of promise for him and the task involved in being a natural ruler. Besides, leaving the city to start a new life in the countryside for the first time in his life was a great challenge. Another hurdle is the fact that Bade was too straight, with little interest or experience in diplomacy.



His Reign

Bade was crowned as the 8 th Ologori and to everyone's surprise, he was able to break through all the above concerns to become a man of the people. In fact, like his father, he was increasingly being endeared to the community as he was increasing in popularity.

            Eminefo IV. Popular for his

                 glamorous outfits

Saaaaakin: Ugbiya- oogben

            With another natural ruler

    Kbiyesi's majestic outing

          to a public function.

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