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Eminefo Dynasty is one of the two that have evolved from Ekarabome, the other being Udeji's/Aisoni's. A full accountof the history of the two great dynasties is contained in G.Bawa's (1970) History of Ogori.

The History of the Dynasty revolves around the legacy of EMINEFO the son of King Ekarabome. EMINEFO was one of greatest men of valor in his own time. He was a courageous worrior who save Ogoriland from mauraders and plunderers and whose record and prowess have hardly been matched by anyone for this many generations. He rose to fame and became known as "Eminefo the Conqueror" thoughout the then known region. He was feared as he was respected so much so that over a century after his death, his name is still sung among people in many parts of the region, especially some Masquerades in Ebiraland.


Eminefo was a man of great nobility and first among equals. He fathered many great men and women who themselves have been wonderful achievers in their own rignts. One legacy that will continue to live with his descendants is a heart of unity and love for one another among his descendnats. The present website is a celebration of these virtues and more, which the great Eminefo and his great descendants have passed down to generations. Till the world ends, this love, unity and courage will continue to flourish among those in whom EMINEFO's blood flows.