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HeadofCrownWelcome to Our Royal Dynasty Ogori

This is the  Eminefo Dynasty, Okpa, Ogori, Kogi State, Nigeria. The website is dedicated to the memory of the our great leaders whose names are written in gold in the history of the Dynasty. The last two, namely HRH Gabriel Bawa Akerejola (who reigned from 1946-1969) and HRH Gaius Bade Akerejola (who reigned from 1990-1999) are contemporaries whose great deeds and achievements are still fresh in our memory.


The dynasty, one of the oldest in the province, has a long history behind it. This website, even when fully developed, can only hold a summary of the history of the dynasty. A summary because it would require volumes to document all that can be described as her history.


Enjoy this brief of the bravery, sacrifice, achievements, service, unity and harmony that, from Eminefo's time, has become the trade mark of a dynasty that every one is proud to be a memeber of.



For a glimpse of an era of some  descendants of Eminefo (The Eminefites), see "The Way We Were" - some pictures of the good old days.


Tour of Eminefo Palace