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HRH, Gabriel Bawa Akerejola

Installation to Ologori's Stool

Following the death of Ologori Fadipe, it was not surprising that Bawa became an obvious choice of the ruling dynasties. Potential contenders had to succumb to the will of the people as they received no such support that greeted this young promising man.

Gabriel Bawa Akerejola, Eminefo III, was appointed the Ologori of Ogori on 1st February 1946 and crowned on 31st August 1946 as the 6th ruler of the district.


He not only received immediate recognition, but also was accorded respect by all the surrounding rulers. With his charisma, he won the admiration of natural rulers far and near just as he increased in popularity. Many of them actually consulted him on serious issues and to some; he seemed to have the magic word for the solution to their problems. He exchanged visits with many of the neigbouring rulers some of whom were the rulers of Magongo, Ekpedo, Ebira, Okpe, Makeke, Ososo, Oja, Imoga and more than two dozens communities around that region.

His administration was marked by rapid socio-political progress of his domain as well as development in different areas.