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Dorcas Arole

Dorcas is the daughter of Daudu Arubani. She is a very much cherished and respected by member of the Eminefo family. She was married to Owolabi of Okibi-Okesi, for whom she had Cornelius, Bola, Femi and Durojaiye and Shola. She lived for a long time in Lokoja where her mother had lived for many years.

Arole has a wonderful sense of humour as well as a wonderful sense of history. She loved Bawa very much and extends the same affection to the entire family. Usually whenever she meets any member of the Eminefo descendants, she would shower a lot of encomium and names of nobility on the person, smiling at the person's face with her beautifully set sparkling white teeth.
Although she has become less mobile due to old age and asthma problem, she still takes a keen interest in whatever affects the family. In spite of her condition she would make efforts to go up to Okpa whenever there was any event there. Anytime a member visited her, she would inquire after the well being of everyone both at home and abroad, mentioning them by name. She always shows a good appreciation for even the least of service.