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Lydia Olawumi (Orarowiya)



Lydia Olawumi (Orarowiya) was the daughter of Daudu Akerejola Arubani. Her mother was fondly called Olawumiwiya. Orarowiya migrated to Orah now in Edo State, following her marriage to Daniel Asiribo of Okibo quarters at Okesi. There she raise most of her younger children from Ebeneze Ige to Idowu (her last child). The Senior ones, John Adeniyi and Eunice Dupe were not taken along as The Ologori, Bawa Akerejola who loved her and the children insisted that she leaves them around so that she would not pitch her tent permanently in Ukukuuku land.

Orarowiya (as she was fondly called in reflection of her sourjourn to Orah) was very pretty in her youth. Even as she grew old, the beauty refused to fade. In spite of this, she was the most humble lady ever known in the Eminefo family. She was soft-spoken, gentle, patient loving and kind. She was one who would never discriminate, nor ever complain, even if there was an obvious reason to do so. Her answer to every situation was a sweet smile. She was not only gentle to her children, but also a quiet and extremely nice and accommodating mother in-law. At the age when many mothers would cleave to home environment and would not vernture out for more than a few days, Orarowiya would go and help take care of her grandchildren for months.


It was on one of such an occasion, in anticipation of her next grandchild that God took her away from us, but her good deeds and her name would remain with us for many genegrations to come. Beside those mentioned above, she is also survived by Kehinde and Alaba, who works at the Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano and many grand and great grand children. Truly, she lives on in her numerous descendants (see picture below).