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Mama Dorcas Animola

Mama Dorcas Animola Aiyegbusi nee Akerejola (aka Mama Animo) was born on November 12, 1931. She is a grand daughter of the great Eminefo I, and she is the 16th of 18 children born to Daudu Arubani  Akerejola. Her mother, Olatobi Folawewo (D, Oct '61), was the first food vendor in Ogori and made very tasty pounded yam among other dishes.  Madam Dorcas 


Early Life

Mama Animo was raised by her elder brother, HRH G.B. Akerejola, EMINEFO III, and his first wife (Owiya) both with whom she had a special and loving relationship. She completed her primary education at St Peter's Primary School in Ogori in 1941.


Family Life

After her first marriage to Mr Osiako with whom she had a son (Omololu), she later married late Pa John Dehinde Aiyegbusi (D, May '86) of the Colonial Police and a renowned dispatch rider on August 13, 1953. Their union was blessed with five other children.




Her children

1. Cornelius Omololu Osiako

2. Michael  Olusegun,

3. Emmanuel Adegboyega

4. Oluwatoyin Iyela

5. Aderemi Amade and 

6. Temitayo


Grand Children


1. Adesewa and 2. Samuel (by Omololu)

3. Ade, 4. Motunrayo, 5. Bolanle and 6. Anu (by Michael),

7. Tunmise (by Adegboyega),

8. Bajajide and 9 Ayo (D.) by Oluwatoyin)

10. Joshua (by Aderemi)

11. Shekina and 12 Divine by (Temitayo).



 Mama Ilorin as she was sometimes called, exhibited the Eminefite spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience, as she took after her mother's vocation right from her early life. While in primary school, she diligently assisted her mother in selling food. And this was to become her vocation as she moved from Lagos, where they were first settled, to Kaduna and later to Enugu accompanying her husband about wherever he was posted on his job. Her industry was not limited to food vendor but also in later years, she also engaged in clothes-selling business as they moved from one city to another.


While in Kaduna, she catered for the men of the Police Force in the Police Headquarters. Mama finally settled in Ilorin, Kwara state in 1968, and continued with her business of selling food and clothes. With her prowess in catering, she secured a catering contract at Ilorin, where she cooked for the Police Sports men and women and lat

er became the first caterer of trainees of the Nigerian Police Training School, which ran from 1969 till mid 1990s.

Her Spiritual Life

Mama Aiyegbusi was a founding member of 'Egbe Imole' of St Peter's Anglican Church, Ogori. She later became a devoted member of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church from 1957-1992. Eventually, she joined the Champion's Church, Ilorin in 1992 and was ordained a Deacon in the Church in 2003. Mama was not only very diligent and successful in her business; she also ensured that all here children were educated up to the tertiary level.


Mama Aiyegbusi, in spite of her exalted status in the society, is very gentle and humble. She is soft spoken, loving, easily likable and loved by all. She willingly takes care of both children and adults in need that come her way; and her home is always the centre of activities either by church and family members, who are often found spending days in her home at times. She is dearly loved by her sisters, among whom she is a uniting force.

Mama was one of the pioneers of the unity and a ready sponsor of the Eminefites’ activities during Events and ceremonies in Okpa, Ogori. She arrived from Ilorin with “elubo” (yam flower) and bags of rice, which she distributed from house to house. Another great Eminefite trait which Mama Dorcas exhibits is her youthful look. At 81 as she looks many years younger.


Mama is both a lover and believer in the Eminefo spirit and has always done everything to foster unity and progress amongst members of the dynasty. How delightful to have this member of the old generation, as our resource person today.