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HRH, Gabriel Bawa Akerejola

Another reason for the conflict had to do with external manipulators. Some powerful people, out of envy, thought that he was too influential, and therefore saw him as a threat to their own political ambition. They wondered why, in spite of the relatively small domain which he governed, he was so recognized by the people that mattered in the nation (especially in his region). Documentary evidence abounds to show that he was consulted, rather than those who thought they should be, on important matters concerning the region. He was a board member of colleges as far as Omuaran High School, Offa Grammar School, Okene Secondary School, to mention but a few. He represented the Division in many forums. On the basis of this enviable recognition, his conflict with the society was orchestrated; with some of the very people he sacrificed so much for, falling prey to the whims and gimmicks of his avowed undoers. Chief Obafemi Awolowo's comment about him proved not only true but prophetic. Within his community, his style and strategies were little understood (if not misinterpreted), perhaps for their sophistication. But these were products of great foresight. Nothing can be truer to an objective mind than Awolowo's observation that Ologori Akerejola was 50 years ahead of the community he was presiding over. Before the abrupt end to his reign, he was being considered for a Second Class Staff of Office.

G. Bawa never failed to drum it in the ear of his family that he had no enemy. Until death, he preached, lived and gave love to all. He begrudged no one, even the person he hid and fed for 3 months when he was being persecuted by his own people, but who later schemed against him. Eminefo the III died on 14 March 1969 after a brief illness. The honour he was accorded at his burial spoke volumes of what he meant to those who knew the real Bawa.

Ogori has not being and can never be the same again after Bawa left the scene. All that followed and still continue to trail the present history prove that "the land has thrown away the broom that killed their tsetsefly". But have we learnt our lesson?
Whatever is your view, one thing has proved true:

Ukukun a fale ibire w' ije
Ee ruwa eme fo, ukukun a da.