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HRH, Gabriel Bawa Akerejola


Other cultural displays like ema, new yam festival and "agbade" (which has evolved into today's age-group social activities) were also revived, but some others have gone into oblivion.



Although Akerejola was an advocate of tradition, he was not fetish. One word to describe his attitude to religion is "tolerance". He accommodated every opinion and creed. Religious leaders of various convictions were entertainen and given gifts when they paid him a courtesy call during their festival, as was the custom. He was however usually amused when fetish priests or soothsayers visited his court to "see" for him. He would listen to their stories, but afterwards instruct that the seer be given food because he knew that hunger was the motivation for their practices. However he strove to understand as much as possible about every religion. In his latter years, he learnt to read Arabic, and studied the Koran.

Bawa attended and encourage his family to attend church services regularly. Somi will never forget the rebuke he got when he attempted to evade church service one Sunday. A white missionary who resided at Agassa - Okene, told one of his sons in 1976 that The Ologori, in his last letter to her, wrote that he had accepted Christ as his personal Saviour.