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HRH, Gabriel Bawa Akerejola

Another important achievement was the marking and maintenance of the land that belonged to Ogori people. Òkó had claim to land with boundaries at Olokoto stretching westward close to Bekuma in the southwest; Easter Galilee hill overlooking Magongo in the west; to a place not too far from Ohumanaka in the north and a few kilometres from Makeke/Ososo in the south. The claim to the northern boundary was established when in the early 60s, the Ologori's watchman ( an Ebira man) apprehended some people who harvested locust beans and palm produce around the mentioned boundary. They were tried in the Ologori's court and were made to return the product to the palace. The offenders had failed to keep the agreement that those who leased farmlands there must pay tribute to Ogori in kind.

The right to the lands mentioned above was not challenged until the demise of the Eminefo III. At present, Ogori has bowed to the intimidation of her neighbours, resulting in the loss of their land. This is a situation that would never - repeat, never - have been if Bawa were still there. Today, Ogori people look like a people without land. One of the neighbours has even claimed Ogori's land beyond Ogoriland.