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Dorothy Oluwanike (alias Owiya)





Dorothy Adenike was the first wife of G. Bawa. Her father was Benjamin Amodemogun of Ileteju and her mother, Lydia Oke Afayashe.

Her parents were early traders in Ogori. They traded in consumables goods between the triangle of Lagos-Lokoja-Onitsha. Ovia is the only surviving child of her mother but has eigth half brothers and sisters. Her father was from the popular Amode's family of Ileteju while her mother is from Okesi both in Ogori.


As a young lady, she was very pretty (as her mother), intelligent and smart. She loved music and danced very well. Discovered as a talent, Bawa who as a schoolteacher then wasted no time in courting her and eventually marrying her. With her he traveled from place to place. They spent some time together at Lokoja. In their romance days, little did she know that she was, like the Rebecca of the Bible to become the mother of a clan of children? She was blessed with 8 children from her womb, but she became the mother to all the children in the palace.

Owiya, as she is fondly known by all and sundry presided over the day-to-day administration of the family. She was courageous and simply commanded the respect of all other wives in Bawa's harem. They took directive from her. She did not go to farm. Other wives brought foodstuff the cooking of which is skillfully organized by her with the cooperation of of everyone.